All You Need Is C.O.D

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One of the most difficult things we have to deal with every day is the amount of ‘stuff’ being thrown at us. Emails coming in twenty-four hours a day, bosses and colleagues messaging and calling us whenever they feel like it and our friends and families posting to us on social media. It’s a constant, 24/7 barrage of stuff we have to make decisions about and deal with.

Many people struggle to just stay on top of this stuff and our productivity systems are not coping. 

Enter C.O.D

C.O.D is an acronym for Collect, Organise and Do. It is a stripped down to it’s essentials productivity framework that allows you to collect all the stuff being thrown at you throughout the day, spend ten-minutes at the end of the day organising that stuff so you can get the important stuff done the rest of the time.

 Minimise your input to maximise you output

I have been using C.O.D as my productivity framework for over ten years and this framework has focused me on finding the fastest ways to collect all the stuff coming at me, shortening the organising to its minimum so I can spend more time doing. I know the less time I spend in my to-list organising, the more time I am doing the work and if you think about it, that’s what a good productivity system is meant to be. A way of maximising you output and minimising your input

If you want to learn more about COD, I recently wrote a blog post about it and I did a short YouTube video explaining the concept using Todoist.

Over on my blog and YouTube channel there are a lot of articles and videos specifically to help you get better at time management and become more productive. 

I am always here to help you because I believe once you discover the amazing benefits of being in control of your time you can change your life for the better. 

If you feel my courses, blog posts and YouTube videos could help someone you know, please share them. My goal is to help a million people over the next two years to discover better time management and productivity so they can focus on the things they enjoy doing.